Dolomite Canyon


By: Steve Smith


The North Fork of Dolomite Canyon begins at 7,090' on a ridgeline dropping west from Towne Peak. Coming down the ridge at 6,720' are the remains of a USAF SA-2 Albatross aircraft which was on a training mission from Mountain Home when it crashed in 1953. Below the plane crash, the North Fork of Dolomite Canyon forms a spectacularly rugged, scenic canyon. In March, Jerry Boggs, Brian 6t Matt Webb and Tom Budlong joined me on a descent down this canyon from Towne Peak. In the upper portion of the canyon are two rappels. In the middle, the canyon opens up for a mile and can be easily walked. The lower portion contains six more rappels before the canyon joins the main Dolomite Canyon at 3,900' The following is information on the rappels in the canyon:

Rappel No. 1, 70' high at 5,510'
Rappel No. 2, 35' high at 5,410'
Rappel No. 3, 45/ high at 4,580'
Rappel No. 4, 85' high "The Slot" at 4,480' is a very distinctive 20' wide, 15' deep, and 85' high smooth vertical indentation in the rock face
Rappel No. 5, 80' high at 4,360'
Rappel No. 6, 30' high at 4,240'
Rappel No. 7, 20' high at 4,180'
Rappel No. 8, 40' high at 3,980' has a 15' overhang.

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