Kofa & Castle Dome Ranges
   KOFA PK 4,828-2
   Castle Dome 3,793-3

San Francisco & Navajo Ranges
   Mt Humphreys 12,611-1
   Navajo Mtn 10,416-1

   Baboquivari Pk 7,730-3

Sierra Juarez
   Risco Pk 4,500-3
Sierra San Pedro Martir
   Cerro de la Encantada(also called Big Picacho) 10,126-3
Sierra Pinacate
   Cerro Pinacate 4,255-1

Any member of the Sierra Club is eligible to be a Desert Peaks Section member upon climbing any six (6) mountains on this qualifying list. For Emblem status, fifteen (15) must be climbed which include MT MONTGOMERY, MT INYO, TELESCOPE PK, RABBIT PK, & KOFA PK. Application should be made to Secretary of the Section, listing peaks and dates of climbs.
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