Louise Werner estimates that the climb up Mt. Humphreys covered about 8 miles, though a longer period was required to include Mt. Agassiz. Thirteen members made the first peak and eight the second peak. Though a few snow patches were crossed, not too much difficulty was encountered in making the climb.


June 28-29th. Carnival time at Harwood Lodge. The D.P.S. will conduct a booth at which you may try your skill or engage in games of chance, Let us cooperate in this worthwhile venture for the benefit of Harwood Lodge. See you there!

July 4th Weekend. White Mt. Peak has been scheduled by the D.P.S. once again. A rugged, high altitude hike, we urge you to come out if you are in good condition. This will probably be the last time you will be able to cite White Mt. Peak for the D.P.S. emblem, inasmuch as a change in qualifying peaks is under consideration by your management committee.

John Delmonte
Desert Peaks Section
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