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AUGUST 1988: Supercedes the edition dated April 1980. There are 96 peaks on the List.

  • Adds three peaks: Panamint Butte (2.6), Porter Peak (2.9), Virgin Peak (6.13).
  • In accord with the maps and local usage, changes the name of Providence Peak to Edgar Peak, Kofa Peak to Signal Peak, Toiyabe Dome to Arc Dome and Cerro de la Encantada to El Picacho del Diablo.
  • Adjusts the designators, Peak (Pk), Point (Pt), Mountain (Mtn), Mountains (Mts) and Range, for conformance to the maps and for consistency throughout the list.
  • Lists both 15' and 7.5' maps, including not yet published 7.5' maps.
  • Gives geographic code numbers for the principal 7.5' maps.
  • Assigns an identity or index number to each peak
  • Changes climbing difficulty classifications on peaks 1.14, 4.12, 5.4, 6.6, 7.2. Revises elevations in accord with the new maps.
  • Provides left margin space for entering dates and sequence number of climbs.


Membership in the DPS is available to Sierra Club members who have climbed any six peaks on the Peaks List. A letter listing the peaks climbed and the dates, the applicant's Sierra Club membership number and the subscription fee for the DPS newsletter, The Desert Sage, should be sent to the DPS secretary. Emblem status is awarded to DPS members who have been members for one year, who have climbed 15 of the listed peaks, including five of the seven emblem peaks and who send a letter listing the peaks and dates climbed to the section secretary. Recognition is also given to completion of the list. Emblem and list completion pins are available.


The climbing class indicates the difficulty of the most usual route. The classes are:
  1. Hands in pockets hiking on trails or easy cross country.
  2. Rough cross country travel - boulder hopping and use of hands for balance.
  3. Handholds are necessary for climbing - some people may ask for belays.
  4. More difficult climbing with considerable exposure - ropes are used.
  5. Technical rock climbing.
  6. Rock climbing with artificial aid.


The DPS publishes a guide for each peak that gives information on access roads and climbing routes. For availability information, refer to the DPS newsletter, The Desert Sage.
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