1965-66 Gene Gail, Chairman
Parker Severson, Vice-Chairman
Ernie Spiehler, Secretary-Treasurer
Arkel Erb, Member-at-Large
Bob Greenawalt, Member-at-Large

1966-67 Bud Bingham, Chairman
Frede Jensen, Vice-Chairman
Ruth Erb, Secretary-Treasurer
Gordon McLeod, Member-at-Large
Hugh Parshall, Member-at-Large

1967-68 Abe Siemans, Chairman
John Thornton, Vice-Chairman
Bob Van Allen, Secretary-Treasurer
John Robinson, Member-at-Large
Dick Sykes, Member-at-Large

1968-69 Gordon McLeod, Chairman
Bill Banks, Vice-Chairman
Benjamin P. Romero, Secretary-Treasurer
Art de Goede, Program Chairman
Dick Sykes, Banquet Chairman

1969-70 Art de Goede, Chairman
John Vitz, Vice-Chairman
Eric Schumacher, Secretary-Treasurer
Fran Smith, Program Chairman
Bill Clifton, Banquet Chairman

1970-71 John Vitz, Chairman
John Inskeep, Vice-Chairman
Fran Smith, Secretary-Treasurer
Les Stockton, Program Chairman
Jerry Havens, Liason

1971-72 Fran Smith, Chairman
Les Stockton, Vice-Chairman
John Inskeep, Secretary-Treasurer
Paul Nelson, Program Chairman
Ed Treacy, Liason

1972-73 Les Stockton, Chairman
Paul Lipsohn, Vice-Chairman
Ed Treacy, Secretary-Treasurer
Howard Stephens, Program Chairman
Jerry Havens, Liason

1973-74 Paul Lipsohn, Chairman
Howard Stephens, Vice-Chairman
Jerry Havens, Secretary-Treasurer
George Hubbard, Program Chairman
Al Campbell, Liason

1974-75 George Hubbard, Chairman
John Backus, Vice-Chairman
Barbara Reber, Secretary-Treasurer
Barbara Magnuson, Program Chairman
Al Campbell, Council Representative

1975-76 Betty Desert, Chairman
John Hellman, Vice-Chairman
Barbara Reber, Secretary-Treasurer
Ron Fracisco, Program Chairman
Joe McCosker, Council Representative

1976-77 Joe McCosker, Chairman
John Hellman, Vice-Chairman
Mike Manchester, Secretary-Treasurer
Phil Bruce/George Hubbard, Program Chairman
Ron Fracisco, Council Representative

Found an article of value at the INYO-KEYNOT roadhead, march 1977. Prospective owners are invited to send a description to; Chuck Kudija
22206-8 Germain St.
Chatsworth, Ca. 91311
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