Driving Distances:

US/Mexico border to Valle Trinidad Rd. About 96 miles, depending on how one comes thru Mexicali. There is a small gas station & store at the junction & a sign that says Valle Trinidad. It is just beyond the 141 kil. sign.

The following readings were taken beginning at the junction- & staying on the right fork
1. The road forks about 200 yds in from the junction. The left fork becomes very sandy & US cars may have difficulty. The right fork stays on top of the ridges & is a little rough but ok for US cars.
2. 32.5- beginning reading at blacktop (at junction)
3. 34.5- cross roads- go straight thru. The north direction hits Hwy #5 at about 139
4. 48.0- right fork comes back with left fork
5. 48.1- junction- go left; right goes to Pacific Ocean. Good spot for a few to dry camp at junction.
6. 58.0- junction- go left
7. 58.5- enter dry lake. Tracks go all over. Main rd when wet conditions stays high on the lake bed on left or east.
8. 68.0-: road goes in to Rancho Santa Clara- take to climb via Canon Del Diablo
9. 71.8- we cut across dry lake to hit road that goes directly towards mouth of Canon Providencia- not recommended for other than 4-wheel drive vehicles
10. Road into the next Rancho- Rancho Para- that one normally takes to climb via Canon Providencia is near the end of the dry lake- a mile or so beyond 71.8. We didn't go that far this trip so the mileage wasn't recorded.
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