List of Qua1ifying" Peaks

     Peak Elevation        Range
White Mtn. 14,242   White
Mt. Dubois 13,545   White
Mt. Montgomery 13,442   White
Boundary Pk. 13,145   White
Charleston Pk. 11,910   Charleston
Glass Mtn. 11,127   N. Owens Valley
Waucoba Mtn. 11,127   Inyo
Mt. Monarch (Keynot) 11,125   Inyo
Telescope Pk. 11,045   Panamint
New York Butte 10,620   Inyo
Sentinel Pk. 9,480   Panamint
Mt. Cerro Gordo 9,217   Inyo
Tin Mtn. 8,900   Panamint
Mt. Maturango 8,850   Argus
Dry Mtn. 8,726   Last Chance
Grapevine Pk. 8,705   Grapevine
Coso Pk. 8,156   Coso
Providence 7,100 (approx.) Providence
Pyramid Pk. 6,725   Funeral
Rabbit Pk. 6,650   Santa Rosa
Martinez Pk. 6,539   Santa Rosa
Avawatz Pk. 6,204   Avawatz
Kofa Pk. 4,600 (approx.) Kofa (Ariz.)
Castle Dome 3,600 (approx.) Castle Dome (Ariz.)
Picacho Pk. 1,947   Chocolate

Membership requirements: Any six (6) of above; apply to Sec'y.
Emblem requirements: Seven (7) of above including White Mtn., Telescope
Pk., and Now York Butte; apply to Treas. See schedule for name.

January 1, 1951

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