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Photo by H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant
Posing with the cook, his assistant and their dog at Colby's Ranch are some of the most distinguished hikers and leaders of the 1920s and '30s. Among them are no fewer than eight Great Leaders(*) who distinguished themselves by having led outings for spans exceeding ten years, and in some cases for several decades. Standing on the left between the cook and his assistant is H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant*, who took this photo on January 25, 1931. To the right of the cook, wearing white pants, stands John Banks* (Chapter Chair, 1950). Next to him, in a plaid shirt with dark pants, is Art Johnson* (Chapter Chair, 1951). The woman sitting in the back row is Luella Todd*, while standing to the right of her, wearing glasses, is Bob Schonborn* (Chapter Chair, 1938). The only other figure identified in the back row is Byron Schmidt, standing at the far right. Sitting l. to r. are Dessie Daler*, Frank Noel*, Harry "Mutau" Wilson, and Russell Hubbard*.

Bill Henderson's WW II Surplus truck a.k.a. "Bill's Battle Wagon"

Photo from the Rosemarie and Lloyd Balsam Collection
Group posing with Bill Henderson's WWII truck (Brunhilde). Back labeled in Louise Werner's handwriting: "Avawatz. Brunhilde, Bill Henderson's battle wagon. Marge H. Walt and Bernie [Bernice] Heninger, Eleanor and Marie Smith." Identified for sure, L to R: Bill Henderson, Margie Henderson, Walt Heninger, Bernice Heninger (in back), unsure which two of three remaining women are the Smith sisters.-Robert Cates

Clyde, Norman (1889-1972)
Although the great mountaineer Norman Clyde was not a member of the Angeles Chapter, he did come out of his beloved Sierra Nevada in 1929 to lead a 22-mile dayhike of Sunset Ridge for the Local Hikes Committee. A couple of months later, he led a chapter outing to Palisades Glacier. In 1937, he accompanied future DPS member Randall Henderson in a successful bid to climb El Picacho del Diablo from the east side.

"The greatest of all Sierra mountaineers", Norman Clyde ascended more than 1000 peaks in his lifetime, including at least 200 first ascents. He was a familiar figure on club High Trips, where his propensity for carrying axes, shovels, cast iron cookware, as well as volumes of classical literature (in Greek and Latin) earned him the sobriquet "the pack that walks like a man". This iron man of the mountains was often called upon to locate lost climbers, the most famous instance being his discovery of the body of Walter Starr, Jr., among the crags of the Minarets in 1933. Clyde Minaret, Clyde Spire, Clyde Peak, Clyde Ledge, and Clyde Meadow are some of the Sierra wilderness features that now carry his name.
H.R. Sturdevant Collection, Angeles Chapter Archives
Here Clyde is shown (third from left) on a photograph labeled "On Grayback, November 1930". L. to r: Jack Peyton, Howard Sloan, Clyde, H.R. "Bob" Sturdevant. Peyton and Sturdevant are two of the chapter's Great Leaders

Worsfold, Dick (honorable mention)
Photo from Worsfold CollectionDick was not a DPS member but contibuted many photos to the Angeles Chapter Archives, some of which are included on this CD.
Photo by Bob Cates(d.) Active 1957- (15.5+ Years) Local Hikes; HPS; Camera; NSS; WLA Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award (1977) Dick Worsfold worked as a cameraman at MGM studios, but his real passion was to get on the trail with good friends. He chaired the Local Hikes Committee for many years, but also led many hikes for the Hundred Peaks Section (which he went on to Chair), and the Natural Science Section.

Dick Worsfold with his first movie camera.

Dick Worsfold on Heald Peak, April 27, 1974.

Bud Bernard was from San Diego. He was extremely knowlegable of the Baja area and served as a guide on several DPS outings into Mexico.

Louise Werner & BudBernard
Appears to be near start of
Big Picacho approach
via Canyon del Diablo.

Photo by Niles Werner, Louise & Niles Werner Collection,  Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter Archives

Dick Worsfold Collection, Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter Archives

Heald Peak Dedication Climb.
L to R: Phyllis Heald, R.S. "Sam" Fink, Maureen Cates, Dave Welborne. April 1974

Dick Worsfold Collection, Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter Archives

Phyllis Heald, widow of the late Weldon Heald and Paul Lipsohn
at ceremonies for dedication climb
of Heald Peak, May 1974

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