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Pat Lavengood
Active in the DPS: 1977-1983
R.S. "Sam" Fink (foreground) and Pat Lavengood
(hooded parka background) at Bill T. Russell
Hundred Peaks Section List Completion Party
summit of Mount Lukens Novemb14 1976
From the Robert & Maureen Cates Collection

S I E R R A   C L U B   C H R O N O L O G Y   T H R U   2 0 0 6

1973 HPS Emblem
1976 HPS 200 Peaks Bar
1977 Joined the Desert Peaks Section
1977 SPS Emblem
1978 DPS Emblem on Charleston Peak
1978 Treasurer/membership Chairman - Hundred Peaks Section
1979 Chairman - Hundred Peaks Section
1980 Past Chairman - Hundred Peaks Section
1982 HPS List Completion on Kratka Ridge
1983 Last year active in the Desert Peaks Section

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