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Elizabeth Cohen
Active in the DPS: 1973-1981
Elizabeth Cohen helps Thea Rhodes
celebrate her 100th Iron Mountain
No date given.
Dick Worsfold Collection
Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter Archives
From the Robert & Maureen Cates Collection Elizabeth Cohen (Bep Cohen)
on summit of Will Thrall Peak
March 1972.
She helped pack the cement used
in placing the Will Thrall memorial
plaque shown in foreground.

S I E R R A   C L U B   C H R O N O L O G Y   T H R U   2 0 0 6

1973 Joined the Desert Peaks Section
1973 DPS Emblem
1975 Member - West Los Angeles Group
1976 HPS 200 Peaks Bar
1981 Last year active in the Desert Peaks Section

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