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Steve Smith
Active in the DPS: 1966-2006
Steve is the son of the late Fran Smith and father of Shane Smith & Stenson Smith all DPS members.

Steve has a degree in physical geography. He was the BLM's first desert ranger (1972) and coordinator for the ranger program in the Bakersfield District. Prior to this he worked as a Sacramento County deputy sheriff for two years. He attended an eight-week course at the Sacramento Police Academy and an eight-week course at the Federal Law Enforcement Academy in Washington D.C. Later he was assigned to the Ridgecrest office of the BLM.
Steve was also active with the Friends of the Inyo Wilderness and is a prime mover in the BLM Adopt-a-CVabin program.

Steve at his HPS List Finishing party
Mount Gleason June 5 1983

Photo by Bob Kanne
Bob Kanne Collection
Sierra Club-Angeles Chapter Archives
Photo by Charlie Knapke

Steve on a lead of Eagle Mountain #2
where his son Shane finished the
DPS List on December 6 2003

S I E R R A   C L U B   C H R O N O L O G Y   T H R U   2 0 0 6

1966 Joined the Desert Peaks Section
1966 DPS Emblem on Rabbit Peak
1967 SPS Emblem
1972 HPS Emblem
1974 DPS List Completion on Stepladder Mountains
1983 HPS List Completion on Mount Gleason
1989 Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award

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