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Larry Gail
Active in the DPS: 1964-1968
Portrait of Larry Gail at Barter Island
at completion of 1963 Alaska Expedition
(refer to Summit Magazine article by Louise Werner)
Photographer: Graham Stephenson
From the Niles & Louise Werver Collection
From the Niles & Louise Werver Collection Larry Gail (left) & George Barnes
Members of Alaska Expedition of 1963
at completion of trip at Barter Island.
Same picture appears in Jan-Feb 1964 issue
of Summit Magazine.
Photographer: Tom McCord

S I E R R A   C L U B   C H R O N O L O G Y   T H R U   2 0 0 6

1964 Joined the Desert Peaks Section
1964 DPS Emblem
1968 Last year active in the Desert Peaks Section

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