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Photo by Charlie KnapkeGordon MacLeod
Active in the DPS: 1963-2005 Active in SPS DPS
Gordon emerged as a leader in the 1960s and quickly exhibited remarkable skills in trip planning and Photo from the Jerry Keating Collectionexecution. An engineer Gordon expertly converted information taken from maps and emerging peak guides into successful trips in both the Sierra and desert. Rather than repeating climbs he'd already made most of his trips were new experiences which demanded exceptional leadership skills. After finishing the SPS DPS and HPS lists Gordon shifted much of his emphasis to other high points in the Southwest and today possesses a heralded range of climbs in that region. He willingly imparts information gained from those independent explorations to today's leaders thereby continuing to contribute to the Angeles Chapter's outings program.-Jerry Keating Gordon was sponsored for Sierra Club Membership by the renowned photagrapher Ansel Adams.

Gordon MacLeod at the DPS 2003 Awards Banquet.

Gordon MacLeod--taken during an SPS trip
that climbed Mt. Foerster 8/25/1973

S I E R R A   C L U B   C H R O N O L O G Y   T H R U   2 0 0 6

1963 Joined the Desert Peaks Section
1964 DPS Emblem
1964 SPS Emblem
1965 DPS List Completion on Mount DuBois
1965 Vice Chairman - Sierra Peaks Section
1966 Member-at-Large - Desert Peaks Section
1966 Mountain Records Chairman - Sierra Peaks Section
1967 Mountain Records Chairman - Sierra Peaks Section
1967 Member - Ski Mountaineers Section
1968 Chairman - Desert Peaks Section
1968 Member - Ski Mountaineers Section
1972 SPS Senior Emblem
1973 SPS Master Emblem
1973 SPS List Completion on Center Peak
1975 HPS 200 Peaks Bar
1975 HPS List Completion
1977 Vice Chairman - Desert Peaks Section
1979 Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award
1985 Mountaineering Committee - Desert Peaks Section
1986 Mountaineering Committee - Desert Peaks Section
2005 Member 50 Anniversary Committee - Sierra Peaks Section

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