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Burl Parkinson (d. 1959)
Active in the DPS: 1959
Perished with Francis Foley in a sudden spring storm in 1959 on the Boundary-Montgomery ridge. He'd explored this peak and had planned to subsequently lead a DPS trip to its summit. The DPS management committee presented Burl's daughter Mrs. Stuart A. Mitchell Jr. with the pin that he would have received for completing his emblem requirements with the ascent of Mt. Montgomery. In 1961 the U.S. Board of Geographical Names accepted the name Parkinson Peak for the mountain in the Argus Range named after Burl.
No article appeared in the DPS newsletter regarding this event but it was written up for The Mugeloos.

Burl Parkinson on Mt. Brewer August 31 1958

Photo by Jerry Keating
Photo by Jerry Keating

Burl Parkinson on Mt. Brewer August 31 1958

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1958 Chairman - Pasadena Group
1958 SPS Emblem
1959 Joined the Desert Peaks Section
1959 DPS Emblem on Montgomery Peak

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