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Miles Brubacher
Active in the DPS: 1957-1959
Active in DPS SPS Ski Mountaineers
A founding member of the SPS and former chair Miles also was active with the Ski Mountaineers. In the SPS he was instrumental in expanding the list of qualifying peaks the linchpin to the section's rapidly growing outings program. It was only three weeks after the SPS's first scheduled trip that Miles joined Frank Sanborn in leading a scheduled trip to Maggie Mtn. Miles was a skilled leader on ice and snow as well as rock but he also believed strongly in introductory trips. His involvement with Angeles Chapter ended when he moved to Hawaii. He now lives in Canmore Alberta Canada and seasonally returns to California.-Jerry Keating
Miles Brubacher
date/place unknown
Miles Brubacher Collection
From the Pat Meixner Collection Miles Brubacher
Saddle Mount San Jacinto
May '56

S I E R R A   C L U B   C H R O N O L O G Y   T H R U   2 0 0 6

1957 Joined the Desert Peaks Section
1957 DPS Emblem on Montgomery Peak
1959 SPS Emblem
1959 Last year active in the Desert Peaks Section
1960 Member - Chapter Membership Committee
1962 Member - Chapter Conservation Committee
1962 Chairman - Sierra Peaks Section
1964 Treasurer - Sierra Peaks Section
1964 Central Committee Member - West Los Angeles Group
1966 Member - Mountaineering Training Committee
1967 Member - Basic Mountaineering Training Committee
1967 Vice Chairman - Chapter Executive Committee
1968 Vice Chairman - Chapter Executive Committee

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