The contents of this CD are not an original work, but a recompilation of publications and records of the Desert Peaks Section. Therefore, the credit for this collection must be distributed among a very large group of individuals. Anyone who served as an officer, an appointed position, submitted a newsletter article, or just went on a DPS outing and thus got their name in print, contributed in some way to these records. Some contributed more than others - some much more. It would only be fair to mention these here.

First I would like to thank all the newsletter editors from the time period covered by this publication. This includes assistants and spouses who did much of the typing or mimeographing.

Early in the history of the Section, management committee members had the forethought to keep an archival collection of newsletters. Occasionally not enough copies of an issue were printed for this purpose or were just omitted. In these cases, many individual members contributed personal issues to this collection. As a result, two complete archival collections of DPS Newsletters exist. They were instrumental in the editing of this CD. Thanks goes to everyone who contributed. A very large number of issues were donated by Fran Smith, Barbara Reber, and Michael E. Manchester.

Included in this CD are a number of photographs and mini biographies of some of our members. I would like to thank those who contributed from the collections of: Lloyd & Rosie Balsam, Wynne Benti, Randy Bernard, Phil Bernays, Tina Bowman, Miles Brubacher, Bob & Maureen Cates, Walter Clark, Walter Collins, Gary Craig, Frank Dobos, Mary Ferguson, Ken Ferrell, Charles & Lillian Gerckens, Alice Goldberg, Phyllis & Weldon Heald, Vic Henney, Barry Holchin, Sue Holloway, Peter Hunt, Fred Johnson, William G. Johnson, Bob Kanne, Jerry Keating, Eric & Elsie Kent, Dick          Kenyon, Charlie Knapke, Brian & Karen Leverich, Penelope May, Tom McCord, Linda McDermott, Pat (Gentry) Meixner, Return Moore, John Nienhuis, John W. Robinson, Bill T. Russell, Erik Siering, Parker Severson, Betty Southam, Graham Stephenson, Laura, Les & Pudge Stockton, John Strauch, H. R. "Bob" Sturdevant, Bob Sumner, John Thau, John Thornton, George Thuro, Devra Wasserman, Louise & Niles Werner, Art Widmer, Ellen Wilts, Charlie Winger,  Dick Worsfield, Henriette Worsfold and Sue Wyman.

Photo credits are included in the ALT tag in each photo. When the original contributor is not known, the source of the photo is given. Special thanks goes to Bud Bingham for all the cartoons and graphics he contibuted to both the DPS & SPS newsletters.

The groundwork for this project was laid by previous Section Historians and Archivists. I simply picked up the task where they left off. Unfortuantely I could not find a complete list of these members so cannot list all them here. Certainly I must acknowledge the archival work of the late Bill T. Russell who greatly influenced my decision to take up this task.

The compilation of this CD took much longer that expected. It was also much more enjoyable than I could have imagined. There is a wealth of information in the pages of our newsletter and in the photos and articles contained herein. I only hope some of you enjoy it half as much as I have.

Charlie Knapke
CD Editor