Credit for this edition of the Desert Peaks Section Road and Peak Guide goes to a great number of people, including those who contributed during the early editions of the guide as well as those who offered their input for this latest revision. At the risk of unintentionally omitting the name of any contributor, I will do my best to recognize the efforts of all who have assisted in the evolution of this work.

To Randy Bernard, the original editor of the DPS Guide, for shouldering this effort in its infancy and taking the guide through its first two editions. His excellent effort in that regard made it possible to develop the work into its present form. The late John Leonard is remembered here, for it was his collection of topographical maps that was donated to the Sierra Club and used to form the map set for the first edition.
Among the legendary DPS’ers who assisted the editor, a very special and heartfelt thanks goes to the late Dale Van Dalsem and Bill T. Russell. Both generously offered many hours of their time to review the third edition before its release, providing the editor with sage guidance and constructive criticism when needed. The collective experience that these two fine gentlemen brought to bear on this work provided invaluable aid in the synthesis of the latest revisions.

A large contingent of DPS’ers came forward during the creation of both the third and fourth editions, either providing the editor directly with much needed route or drive-in information or in some other way assisting in the preparation of the guide. They include Mark Adrian, Judy Anderson, Henry Arnebold, Dave Baldwin, Ted Brasket, Richard Carey, John Cheslick, Steve Corona, Paul Freiman, Gail Hanna, Les Hill, Jay Holshuh, Vicky Hoover, Ron Jones, Charlie Knapke, Steve Langley, Ron Leach, Karen Leonard, Susan Leverton, Ed Lubin, Owen Malloy, John McCully, Linda McDermott, Duane McRuer, Mary Motherall, Bill Oliver, Gene Olsen, Ken Olson, Randy Ragland, Barbara Reber, Dennis Richards, John Robinson, Wes Shelberg, Bill Stevens, Barbee Tidball, Larry Tidball, George Toby, Anna Valkass, Maris Valkass, Walt Wheelock and Pete Yamagata. In addition to the above, I’d like to thank all of the individuals who submitted trip reports to the Desert Sage for publication. Your articles were reviewed and used to the maximum possible extent in the redaction of this work. To whomever I might have overlooked, my sincerest apologies.

To the unending patience and encouragement of my wife En Lee, for tolerating without complaint my frequent field trips and marathon computer sessions during the compilation of this and the previous edition. Lastly, to Rachel and Aaron, two great little kids who didn’t get to see their daddy as much as they should have because of those trips and long hours at the computer. As
they mature it is my sincerest hope that they will nurture a deep love for the desert and embrace its exquisite and timeless beauty for all their days.

Dave Jurasevich Alhambra, CA October 1997