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No. 56 The Sisters (10,177') Nevada

This guide is based on a Sage article by Bob Michael

Topo Map: Charleston Peak 7½
Coordinates: Lat 36 19 52 Lon 115 40 59
Trip Stats: unknown


From Las Vegas drive north to Lee Canyon in the Charleston Peak area. Go up Lee Canyon and park a the the turnoff to the Old Mill Picnic Area.


Hike the road and then trail a half mile up beautiful Scout Canyon, which has some of the finest old-growth Ponderosa forest I've seen. Turn north up an obvious side canyon - fairly steep, but reasonable going - to the west ridge of the southern, and higher Sister. Magnificent bristlecone monarchs inhabit the crest. The narrow, steep route between the summit cliffs is obvious - there's only one possible way which doesn't involve rock climbing.


Although the smallest of the high (>10K) peaks of the Spring Mountains, the craggy twin peaks called The Sisters make for a rewarding and recommended outing among some of the finest alpine scenery and nicest forest in Southern Nevada. The summit knob is a balcony in the sky; it's too craggy and wind-blasted to have trees, so there is a tremendous view across Lee Canyon to the imposing upthrust of Charleston's north face and the enormous tilted light gray limestone towers, cliffs and buttresses on the northwest flank of Mummy, a view very reminiscent of parts of the Austrian Alps - similar geology, even.

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