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No. 45 Polaris Mountain (3,624') Arizona

This guide is based on a Sage article by Richard Carey.

Topo Map: Kofa Butte 7½
Coordinates: Lat 33 18 30 Lon 113 58 50
Trip Stats: 3 mi. r.t., 1400', 3 hrs., Class 2


This peak lies about 2.5 miles SE of Signal in the heart of the Kofa Range and is on the same Palm Canyon topo map. Take the road east into the broad King Valley from the Stone Cabin junction. At jet. 79 turn north toward the King of Arizona mine and after about 6.5 miles turn left at jct. 63. The first 100 yards is rough as it crosses a wash so high clearance is needed. The road then improves and you will follow it for 3.1 miles to where it makes a loop to the south. Start the hike here where there is good camping at the entrance to a large canyon.


Polaris is directly east of the parking area and can be done by heading across the wash and up the west slopes to the broad summit. The climb would be easy if it weren't for the treacherous cactus on this peak, the worst of most any DPS peak. There are thick stands of cholla, lots of barrel cactus, some agave, and thorny ocotillo and pale verde branches to watch out for. If you really want to do this peak there is a long scree slope on the north side which avoids most of the cactus.

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