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No. 44 Kofa Butte (3,247') Arizona

This guide is based on a Sage article by Richard Carey.

Topo Map: Kofa Butte 7½
Coordinates: Lat 33 16 38 Lon 113 55 43
Trip Stats: 3 mi. r.t., 1400', 2.5 hrs., Class 3


Kofa Butte is reached by driving to jct. 65 and then to jct. 21 where you will turn left up Yaqui wash. Stop after 1.7 miles from jct. 21 and you will be at the closest point of approach to Kofa Butte to the east.


We hiked up the slopes toward the center of the cliff and then traversed on a ledge around the north side of the butte. Continuing around to the east side we found an easy chute to the summit plateau. The high point is a half mile further south. The summit can also be reached by going around the south end of the butte to the east side. Views off the cliffs are great.

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