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No. 32 Sleeping Beauty (3,979') California

This guide is based on a Sage article by Bob Michael.

Topo Map: Sleeping Beauty 7½
Coordinates: Lat 34 47 00 Lon 116 17 15
Trip Stats: unknown


The most direct approach to the peak is from old highway 66, about 71 miles W of Ludlow and 1 mile E of where Hwy. 66 crosses from the S to the N side of I-40 on an overpass (with no freeway access). A fair dirt road leads due N 2.5 miles to a long-abandoned quarry. Unfortunately, a sand dune has drifted across the very entrance to the road. There is a real danger of getting a 2WD vehicle mired. 4WD vehicles may be able to drive into the quarry.


The terrain at the quarry is heavily gullied and chewed up with dozer cuts; moreover, the straight-ahead route on the peak looked quite unpleasant. I found it best to veer left into a prominent wash shown as an intermittent stream on the topo. A quarter mile up the wash, I turned left out of the main can-yon and climbed a side canyon that offered easier terrain. I then made an ascending easterly traverse to a draw behind a sharp little 3,240' crag, and followed the draw to a saddle at 3,340'. Here, the terrain forces you to drop at least 120'; the easiest route on the final stretch is to climb a broad draw on the far side of the drop to a saddle at 3,450' and then turn NE, dropping behind a little ridge to finish up a gully that heads NE to the summit. A somewhat tricky and intricate route on often rather harsh terrain, bouldery canyons and steep slopes clad with loose volcanic rubble.


This peak is almost worth climbing for the wonderful name alone. But, it is also a distinctive and handsome crag as seen from I-40 east of Barstow. It is featured in the opening scene of the movie "Bagdad Cafe", filmed in nearby Newberry Springs.

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