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Section Awards

Service Award

Bill T Russell
Mountaineering Award
Fran Smith
Lifetime Achievement Award
Bradley,  Bill          2000
Lilley, Barbara      2001
Jones, Ron             2001
Valkass,  Maris      2000
MacLeod, Gordon   2001
Richter, Dan           2002
Leonard, Karen      2001
Mantle, Doug          2002
McRuer, Duane      2003
McDermott, Linda  2001
Brasket, Ted          2003
Steve, Smith          2004
Roach, Greg           2002
Gnagy, Rich           2004
Erspamer, Edna     2005
Roach, Mirna          2002
Mitchell, Christine 2005
Reber, Barbara      2006
Kline, Patty            2003
Bartell, Ron           2005
Acheson, Pat          2007
Acheson, Dean       2004
Secor, R. J.            2006
McMannes, Mary    2011
Acheson, Pat          2004
Rambert, Patty      2007
Barbara Lilley 2017
Adrian, Mark          2005
Tidball, Larry         2008
Gordon MacLeod 2017
Knapke, Charlie      2006
Tidball, Barbee      2008
Craig, Gary            2007
Henney, Vic           2010
Baldwin, Elaine      2008

Wyman, Sue           2010
Jamison, Scot        2008
Bowman, Tina        2012
Jamison, Yvonne   2008
Dodge, Daryn 2015
Sumner, Bob          2009
Brian Smith 2016
Perkins, Ann          2010
Greg Gerlach 2017
Perkins, Dave        2010
Holloway, Sue       2010
Baldwin, David      2013
Hoak, Larry 2014


  • Served on management committee (either elected or appointed positions)
  • Leads trips for DPS
  • Hosts chili cook-off/old timers’ trip/etc.
  • Hosts meeting/potlucks
  • Does trip write-ups for Sage
  • Participates in Sierra club service activities; goes on service trips
  • Serves as webmaster; contribute to DPS website
  • Serves as Sage newsletter editor; contribute to Sage
  • Serves as Peak Guide editor; contribute to Peak Guide
  • Actively recruits for DPS
  • Goes on DPS trips
  • Promotes desert conservation and exploration
  • Would their absence be noticed?


  • Not necessarily a leader but it counts!
  • Has a passion for mountaineering and peak bagging
  • Completion of DPS achievements (emblem, explorer, list finish)
  • List finisher of other lists
  • Supports DPS Peak List improvement: participates in exploratory trips, scouts/writes up new routes, reviews status and conditions of existing peaks, etc.


  • Awardees shall have shown dedication to the DPS and Sierra Club over many years
    through service and/or mountaineering activities (such as those listed for the Mountaineering and Service Awards).

  • In selecting award recipients, the Management Committee will use the
    above criteria for each award as guidelines for candidate selection.  Members
    are encouraged to submit award candidates to the Management Committee.


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